We must move forward.

There is no choice: we will move forward – in technology, in art, in culture, in ethics. Every moment we live is a genii exiting a bottle with every nuanced idea we can never go back except as a nostalgic effort to re-spin, re-mix, re-mash that we’ve experienced before in a desire for something new.  It’s best we choose to move forward into the future than to have ourselves dragged into the present.

Long ago, bucking the system was called heresy and iconoclast. Now, it’s about expanding futures, living on the cutting edge, kickstarting, living on the bleeding edge, explosive growth. Humanity has grown past the days where they need a safe future to buffer themselves from an dangerous past.  We need a dangerous future so that we can challenge ourselves to be who we are.  No matter how many laws are passed, we will continue to bungee jump, tattoo, take substances, fly in wingsuits, seek altered states.  We walk into the dark places because we’re too comfortable in the light.

This company was founded on the idea of play with new concepts, to find new fun, new engagements with our minds, our friends and our selves. Not all of these experiences will result in fun but the seeking matters.

About Bob Kelly

Programmer, Game Developer, Writer of Comics and Interactive Fiction. He has a current backlog of unpublished games and this website will be where he publishes them.